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Garage Floor Innovations stands as the premier contractor for commercial, industrial, and residential concrete staining in Georgia. Our concrete staining services provide a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to complete reflooring, offering a durable, long-term solution. Through a meticulous sealing process involving a water-based solution, we breathe new life into highly absorbent concrete. Before the staining process begins, most concrete floors undergo grinding and polishing, ensuring an even, level application surface that prevents cracks or porous areas, safeguarding against future damage.

Choosing the Right Stain for Your Needs

Selecting the appropriate stain is crucial, and at Garage Floor Innovations, we offer three main types of concrete staining processes: Penetrating, Acid-Based, and Film-Forming stains. Each method serves distinct purposes, achieving various textures, styles, and looks tailored to your preferences.

Film Forming Stains: As the oldest method, Film-Forming stains add a pop of color or glean to concrete flooring. Similar to a coat of paint, they lay over the concrete instead of penetrating it. While quick and cost-effective, they require reapplication every 3-5 years and are best suited for low-traffic areas with no chemical exposure.

Penetrating Stains: Our most popular form of concrete staining, penetrating stains, is a polymer and water-based solution with low VOC. Offering a vast array of colors and styles, penetrating stains penetrate the concrete, forming a durable bond that resists wear and tear, ensuring longevity.

Acid Staining: This method chemically reacts with the concrete, creating an earth-textured or marble appearance. Skilled contractors and safety precautions are essential for a durable finished product. Acid staining is inflammable and UV resistant, providing a fade and chip-proof luxury finish.

Advantages of Concrete Staining

Concrete staining presents numerous advantages over complete reflooring. With a wide range of colors and styles available, from neutrals and grains to marble and shell finishes, it can be combined with other finishes for textured styles resistant to weathering. Beyond being a significantly lower-cost alternative, concrete staining requires minimal maintenance, potentially lasting a lifetime, saving both money and time.

Moreover, concrete staining is eco-friendly. Its binding nature transforms porous concrete into an impenetrable surface resistant to dust and sediments, improving air quality and making your flooring low maintenance. Its versatility and extreme durability make it an ideal flooring solution for various applications, from showrooms and gyms to kitchens and garages.

epoxy flooring and concrete grinding
Concrete staining
Garage Epoxy Floor Coating with prior concrete grinding

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