Concrete Grinding

Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Concrete grinding is a simple solution to elevate your commercial or residential concrete flooring. Concrete grinding is the process of sanding or polishing concrete to remove any cracks, stains, or blemishes. Sealant is then applied to your polished concrete to harden and protect your flooring and achieve your desired sheen. Concrete grinding is a necessary step in any concrete finishing project and results in a smooth surface ready for any staining or texturing that may follow. Bonding your concrete with sealant strengthens your concrete from the inside out and leaves you with flooring that is durable and resistant to impact and daily wear and tear through the years.

Why Concrete Grinding?

Concrete grinding rids your concrete flooring of any paints, epoxies, or dirt that may have accumulated over the years. Grinding effectively sands down any inconsistencies or blemishes that may already have altered your new or old concrete and prepares it for its new sealant or epoxy. Grinding and polishing your concrete restores it and leaves you with a like-new finish without having to refloor your commercial or residential space entirely. Utilizing trained professionals is an easy way to guarantee your refinished concrete will last you for decades to come. Trust Garage Floor Innovations and our 20+ years of experience in concrete grinding and polishing to get the job done right the first time, on time.

How It Works

Concrete grinding is done by using high-speed discs armed with diamond bits. These highly abrasive discs can remove up to 1/8th an inch of your concrete flooring, resulting in a smooth and flattened surface free of any nicks, cracks, or previous coatings. Essentially, the grinder removes the first layer of concrete and allows the contractor to fortify the new layer with sealant making it nearly indestructible. Diamond grinding can successfully remove years of wear and tear from your concrete flooring and provide you with a like-new surface without breaking the bank.

How Long Does It Take?

Concrete grinding takes about 4-6 hours per room depending on size. Simple leveling jobs can take as little as two hours with entire layer removals leaning more towards 6 hours. Once your grinding and polishing are completed the process of sealing takes up to 2 days.

Concrete Grinding
Concrete Grinding

Is Concrete Grinding Right for Me?

With the right tools and expertise, concrete grinding is the perfect solution to refinishing your concrete flooring. Concrete grinding can be used in any commercial or residential concrete job to stabilize your old, worn concrete and create a new finish that is durable and cost-effective in the long run. Garage Floor Innovations takes many factors into consideration including traffic, impact awareness, and load-bearing needs to create a tailored plan and leave you with a finished floor that withstands weathering and requires little to no maintenance. Once Garage Floor Innovations completes your grinding and polishing, we promise to leave you with a clean, dust-free space that is ready to resume normal activities.

What are the Benefits of Concrete flooring?

Concrete flooring is easy to maintain, requiring light cleaning such as mopping occasionally. Concrete flooring is sealed from harboring dirt and dust, keeping your air clean and keeping allergen-based health issues at bay. Concrete that has been properly polished and ground can last up to a lifetime and is fantastic at maintaining temperature, meaning you save money on energy and repairs in the long run. Apart from its cost and health benefits, concrete flooring is versatile in appearance. Opt for earthy, stone textures or keep it simple with a color of your choice finished with a high gloss or eggshell glean. No matter your style, concrete grinding and finishing can give you the desired look and feel without the cost of other luxury floorings.

Why Do I Need Concrete Grinding?

Without proper preparation and grinding of your concrete flooring, new layers such as epoxies and sealants can be damaged easily. Cracks, old layers, and natural wear and tear leave your already porous concrete exposed to weathering and stop the epoxies and water-based solvents from being able to bind completely to your concrete floor and do their job of fortifying your concrete. When it comes to refinishing your concrete, you’ll want a smooth surface that can be bonded to easily. This allows your sealant to create an impenetrable, durable concrete that stops dust and dirt from collecting and keeps your air and space cleaner.

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Garage Floor Innovations has over 20 years of experience serving the State of Georgia and its greater metropolitan areas. Our experts are fully licensed and insured and provide only the best in flooring that Georgia has to offer. At Garage Floor Innovations no job is too big or small, we offer our services to schools, hospitals, restaurants, homes, garages, and more. Call us today and speak to one of our experts about your concrete flooring and we’ll find a solution that fits your needs. Leave your project in the hands of professionals and we promise to leave you with a newly renovated concrete flooring you’re sure to love!

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